90’s Classic Dance Legend Artist : Guru Josh

Guru Josh, one of the 90’s Classic Dance Legend Artist whose real name was Paul Walden was born in the United Kingdom in 6 June 1964. Although he studied dentistry soon opted for music. After passing through several groups, he became world famous for his song ‘Infinity ‘in the early 90’s. The song was later remixed on several occasions and returned to be a big hit in 2008.

One of the most emblematic songs was “Infinity”, who used the saxophones combined with electronic sounds, was a great visionary of what dance would become as such. At the time the song was not what the group would have wanted, although it did reach the top spots in several European countries, it was not until a young German decided to retake the original structure, giving all the credit to the group, who propelled this single to the dance floor almost 20 years after the original was released.

Walden, who also wrote themes like “Freaky Dreamer”, “Whose Law (Is It Anyway?”) and “Love of Life”, composed “Infinity” in the late 80’s for a friend who was hosting a party. The song, which was officially released in 1989, became popular thanks to a DJ from The Haçienda, one of the most popular clubs in Manchester in the late 1980s and early 1990s, who began playing it regularly.

He was also musical producer and visual artist. He went to the United States in 1983 and spent three years thereafter landing in London, where he started playing with his rock band Joshua Cries Wolf.  According to The Guardian, a fan gave him a tablet of ecstasy – provoked his transformation and became famous along with Mad Mick, the saxophone musician who plays in Infinity, the theme that ran him throughout Europe Since 1989. He is considered an icon of the post-acid house scene in United Kingdom. In Spain, the album Infinity was released in 1990. The song has been part of numerous compilations since then and was reissued seven years ago in a remixed version called Infinity 2008, which returned to success with 12 million copies sold.

He had lived for many years in Ibiza, where he continued making music, in addition to exploiting his artistic side. Infinity, the best seller where he mixed sax and house, made him a millionaire.

After the Infinity fever, Guru Josh continued with new projects, already within the world of multimedia production, such as Dr Devious and the Wiseman. But the ‘Infinity’ boom was not over yet. It was in 2008 that the great success of Guru Josh was reborn to achieve a new legion of fans of the current generation, repeating the same success in the lists that already lived in the early 90’s.

Unfortunate this 90’s Classic artist , DJ Guru Josh, known for one of the most famous saxophone solos in history, “Infinity”, died at age 51 on 28 December 2015 due to unknown causes.


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