90s Sports – Famous Tennis player Monica seles

tennis player Monica seles

When we are talking about famous 90s sports person then how can we forget our woman tennis player Monica seles. Monica Seles, hitting with both hands, she literally pounded the ball with every shot.

Seles burst onto the tennis professional at the tender age of 14 and played her first grand slam final at the 1889 French Open, where she lost to world no. one Steffi Graf. In 1990, the two met again in the French Open final, where this time Seles emerged the victor and she became the youngest winner of the French Open, at the age of 16.She went on to win eight Grand slam singles titles become her 20th birthday and were the year-end world no.1 in 1991 and 1992. she was utterly dominant.

Monica looked set to continue in the same vein in 1993.On 30 April 1993, she was tragically stabbed in the back by a psychologically disturbed Steffi Graf fan with9-inch long knife during a changeover at a tournament in Hamburg.Fortunately, she was not

seriously injured physically, but the incident left lasting psychological scars which kept her out of tennis for over two years. During this two years, she battled depression and a food disorder. She decided never to play in Germany again after her attacker was spared jail and simply given probation and psychological treatment.

Though she enjoyed some success after rejoining the tour in 1995.It’s a credit to Monica she made a successful comeback to the sport. She lost the final of the US Open that was once again with Steffi Graf but then going on to win the 1996 Australian Open for the fourth time… But sadly she never quite managed to reach her former heights as a player. Ironically, the stabbing incident endeared her to the tennis public and she enjoyed far greater support in the latter part of her career than when she was previously unstoppable. she played her last professional match at the 2003 French Open but did not officially retire until February 2008.

Regarded by many in the sport as one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Seles was named one of the “30 Legends of Women’s tennis: Past, Present, and future” by Time Several players and historians have stated that Seles had potential to become the most accomplished female player. She was inducted into the international tennis hall of fame in 2009.


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