Wonderful 90’s TV Show: The Wonder Years

If there is any 90’s TV show that fits perfectly with the idea of wonderfulness, then without any doubt this “The Wonder Years” is the one we can talk here. This show is all about the life and memories of an already adult man that recreated them in the series episode after episode. It was a series that marked a generation and until today is remembered with much appreciation for the lessons that we left to those who were children and for the memories that brought to the present to those who were adults in the 1990s.

The Wonder Years runs for six seasons on the ABC television network from 1988 to 1993. After only six episodes on the air, the wonder years won an Emmy for best series Comedy in 1988. In addition, at age 13, Fred Savage became the youngest actor ever nominated for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. The show was also awarded a Peabody Award in 1989. The series won 22 awards and was nominated for 54 more.

The wonderful years dealt with social problems and historical events from 1968 to 1973, seen through the main character Kevin “Kev” Arnold, who also faced social conflicts of adolescents (mainly with his best friend Paul, and Winnie Cooper, in whom Was interested sentimentally) family problems and other issues.

As the stories unfolded, this 90’s TV show were narrated by an older and wiser Kevin (whose voice is that of Daniel Stern in the original version) that described what was happening and what there was Learned from their experiences. The musical theme of the series was Joe Cocker’s version of the Beatles song “With a Little Help from My Friends”. The song was included, along with others in the soundtrack of the program.

Start in the late sixties and early seventies in a tumultuous era in the United States, its characters captivated as well as the voice in Latin audio of the narrator of the stories of each chapter of the six seasons that were issued between 1988 and 1993 with 115 Chapters.

Carol Black, co-creator of the popular series, told New York magazine that she wrote a script that used storytelling as the engine. Later she saw the potential of her idea and created the series with her husband Neal Marlens.

Black and Marlens asked for references to five casting directors for the role of Kevin, all five suggested to Fred Savage. He won his first Emmy with only six episodes

Although it did not destroy the rating from the beginning, yes it was the favorite series of the critics. In August of 1988, Black and Marlens took home an Emmy. The program premiered on January 31, 1988.

Winnie Cooper could be different, as Danica McKellar and her sister Crystal played the role. In the end the one that was not chosen for the main roll became Becky Slater.

Fred Savage and Danica McKellar have their first kiss in the first episode of the series, which makes the scene even more real.

While in the series you could see the back and forth in which your relationship was, at some point the fact that Danica McKellar was much higher than Fred Savage caused them to separate until you can reach it.

ABC bought the rights to The Wonderful Years without knowing that the series would become a worldwide success. The series was first broadcast on January 31, 1988 in the United States, after the Super Bowl.

Fred Savage is currently the director and producer of television programs. Behind the scenes, he has participated in the series “Two Broke Girls” and “Modern Family”. He is married to Jennifer Stone, whom he met in his teens.

So are you wondering about this hit 90’s TV show “The Wonder Years”?

                                                                (1) Created by    Neal Marlens

                                                                  •    Carol Black

                                                                (2)    Starring            Fred Savage

                                                                  •    Dan Lauria
                                                                  •    Alley Mills
                                                                  •    Olivia d’Abo
                                                                  •    Jason Hervey
                                                                  •    Danica McKellar
                                                                  •    Josh Saviano

                                                             (3)  Narrated by    Daniel Stern

                                                             (4)    Theme music composer    Lennon–McCartney

                                                             (5)   Opening theme    “With a Little Help from My Friends” by Joe Cocker

                                                             (6)    Original network    ABC


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