Why 90’s was the good times for video games lovers

The decade of the 90’s is a very important moment in the history of video games. It is usually considered as the good times for video games lovers because it is in these years we say goodbye to the 16 bits console system. In the 90’s we witness epic consoles like the SNES or Super Nintendo Entertainment System that practically was a worldwide success thanks to the legacy of its predecessor, the NES.

In this decade had big videogames such as Mortal Kombat, Alone in the Dark, Doom, and FIFA. We also saw the birth of Sony’s immortal Play Station, which became one of the most sold gaming consoles in history of video games.

Did you know that Sony proposed Nintendo to create an add-on for the SNES to read CD’s? However the deal was never given, and as a result Sony released its PlayStation, things would have been very different for this console to have closed the deal.

We present you with a list of the 90’s best video games released in the span of (1990-2000) that are known for providing the good times.

1990: Megaman III: He was the basic representative of the endless games of the world’s most famous cyborg, Mega Man. With its launch, the NES cartridge was redefined and in addition to continuing with the classic adventure game, Boost was included in its submarine and aerial versions.

1991: Street Figther II: This was the game that brought many to the virtual fights and from which new ideas for the younger generations arose. It certainly became a general culture after more than 78 million people in the world played it.

1993: Zombies Ate my Neighbors: Drawn from the depths of the memory trunk, this game was a real trend in the 90’s as it involved all the monsters of the classic horror films.

1995: Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness: It was the chosen one of the online games since it was born like the first basic videogame for PC that could be played through the internet.

1996: Super Mario 64: The most famous plumber of all time of course could not stay away from this list. While the first of its games is the most emblematic, true gaming experts claim that this was the most fun of all.

He revolutionized the way adventure videogames were played with a new and dynamic way of collecting stars, with secret worlds, triple jumps and characters in “third dimension” made this game the classic of classics.

1997: Grand Theft Auto: The most revealing and radical of videogames for the most conservative families of the continent. With his heavy language and obscene images this game positioned as one of the best selling in history to this day.

Resident Evil III: Although by the end of the last century PlayStation had a huge variety of good options to play, Resident Evil was consolidated as the queen of survival horror. The third part of this story was the one that started with the best suspense, with the best modality and the best riddles.

For many of the time, it was the reason for sleepless nights for fear that the zombies would move from the screen to under the beds.

Do you remember any 90’s video game that proves to be the good times moments for you? Share with us !


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