Best 90’s Hairstyles for Women

90s Hair Style

After a decade of eccentric looks, hair with a lot of volume and all kinds of colors, 90’s bring us some sobriety to our appearance. Today we bring you the best 90’s hairstyles for women.

For those who were very young in the 90s, you might remember some of these looks on programs you saw on MTV and Nickelodeon.

In the 90’s these combos were combined with needle-like heels, wide blouses, and high-cut jeans so that you remember in the midst of sighs with us this incredible fashion season, we have collected 13 hairstyles from the 90’s.

Butterfly Hook

Butterfly Hook

In the 90’s, there were the accessories for hair that were everywhere and were used at all times, especially in hairstyles for young people.

One of the classic accessories of this era was the hooks with butterfly shapes.

Hair Beads

Hair Beads

This was a trend marked by the icon pop singer of the 90’s Gwen Stefani, this woman combined the jewels on her forehead with a few bows scattered throughout the hair, when she came on stage with this look was the sensation!

Roller Hairstyles

Roller Hairstyles

This hairstyle was the right choice when you wanted to stand out from the others at a meeting or party of a friend, the mixture of totally curly strands with random loose strands.

Today if someone leaves their home so the first thing they should think is that they could not finish the hairstyle, but the reality is that it is one of the most used hairstyles for rockers in the 90s.

The layered haircut was the best hairstyles of the years 90

layered haircut

As you read it! the hair in different layers was born in this era of the 90’s and was popularized by the personage of Jennifer Aniston, in Friends, this look combined with reflections or wicks of several colors in the hair made the difference, the majority of the women were involved with this cut so much that today is still used.

The Two Bows

The Two Bows

This was classic in the young girls or adolescents of the time if you added to that Chinese chopsticks hairstyle and you were completely fashionable.

Today this hairstyle is not used so much but in the 90’s this hairstyle was a classic hairstyle and all wanted to have it! Britney Spears was one of the women who made this hairstyle popular.



If you didn’t want your hair to bother you in the face these plastic headpieces were an ideal choice.

They had the colors that you wanted to combine with the clothes; it was certainly a very used option because it was an easy way to get a neat hairstyle without complications.

I hope you remembered good times of the 90’s like us in compiling these incredible hairstyles.

We know we have missed many other hairstyles; we would like to hear from you. Do share with us and don’t forget to share with your female friends who were styling their hairs in the 90’s.


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