Classic Movie - Roman Holiday

Things you never knew about Classic Movie: Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday, a 1953 romantic comedy directed by William Wyler and released by Paramount Pictures was a smashing box office hit. With this classic movie we get to know about…

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Classic Movie Clip

Classic Movie Clip: The Famous Shower Scene From “Psycho”

The master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock released “Psycho” in 1960 and the film’s chilling shower scene would make him a legend for generations to come. A great scene, which only…

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Sunset Boulevard: Classic Hollywood Movie

When Joe Gillis (great William Holden), a young second-rate writer who wants to succeed as a Hollywood screenwriter, knocks on the door to the mansion of Norma Desmond, a former…

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Revisiting Classic Movie “American Psycho”

Before becoming our favorite Batman, the actor Christian Bale accepted a complicated script that many said that could finish his career. The character he had to play was Patrick Bateman,…

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The Matrix, early 2000’s best classic movie ever?

Matrix is a movie that cannot be seen once. You will need to see it more than three times to place yourself in acceptable understanding. Then you look at it…

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Entertainment Movie

Why Pulp Fiction was the best Entertainment Movie of the ’90s?

Pulp Fiction catapulted Quentin Tarantino to fame in 1994. How does this entertainment movie of the 90’s stand today? Let’s go see it. The ninety would not be the same…

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Classic Movies

An American, 2 hour & 28 minute R rated crime/ drama film (mob movie) based on a 1986 non-fiction book named "Wiseguy," by New York crime reporter, Nicholas Pileggi, who... Read More

Classic Movies from the 90s and Early 2000s

House Party is a 1990 original Hollywood musical, American comedy film released by New Line Cinema. It stared a number of actors who used their opportunity with this movie to... Read More

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