Evolution of 90’s fashion

Fashion of the 90s was not characterized by a specific style, but rather was defined as an impulse of people to mark their individuality through clothing, since after many years of trends and fashions, people came to the conclusion that they were not expressing themselves freely.

The fashion of the 90s was based on variety and not on a specific and everlasting trend. During this time fashion became casual, making people feel comfortable without giving much importance to the opinion of others or to trends.

The Nineties: A decade full of boy groups, screaming teenagers and lots of fashionable experiments. Can you remember these 90s?

1. Belly Free Wear

Hello bellybutton! Man, the Nineties, that was your decade. You could see the whole world and even stroll over the red carpet without someone hiding you. Well, belly-free wear belongs to the fashion of the 90s like ice on the stalk to the summer.


Blue were the color of the 90’s. Blue Jeans were the must-have clothing material of the 90s and were worn everywhere with pride. Even on the red carpet and no one but the perfect couple of the 90s: Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears wore it proudly.

3.Platform Shoes

Oh yes … Platform Shoes. They were at the top of the list of the celebrity shoes in 90s that everyone followed. Girl Pop Group Spice Girls were the main reason this platform shoe trend become fashion statement.

4.Neck-breaking: Tattoo Chains

Hardly any other accessory reflects the fashion of the 90s more this: the tattoo chain. Wherever you looked, there were “tattooed” necks everywhere.

5. A Shirt Around the Waist

A Shirt Around the Waist was the ultimate ’90s fashion trend when Grunge band Nirvana ruled the pop charts.

6. Slap Bracelets

90’s fashion and Slap bracelets goes hand in hand. Slap bracelets were beloved by children and teenagers of the 90’s. This 90’s fashion statement were the part of showing a rebellion nature.

7.Eye of the Ray-Bans

Madonna, Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson, Debbie Harry and many other style icons were the reasons who brought Ray-Bans to their peak of popularity in the ’90s.

8.Parachute Pants

Fashion gurus named MC Hammer pants. MC Hammer (rapper) made this parachute pants a household fashion accessories during his peak days in 90’s. 90’s fashion is incomplete without parachute pants.

9.Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelet is another 90’s fashion trend that still works.

10. Backwards Caps

The backwards caps has always been a favorite among sports lovers during the era of 90’s.

While these 90′ fashion trend is not as common now as it was back then, there are plenty of people who still try to work with this trend.


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