Facts of “the Sopranos”: 90’s best TV show ever

The films and TV shows of the mafia have always been a reign for the producers of television and cinema. Everyone loves this type of films/TV shows and they are just as appealing as they are morbid. In 2007 the series “The Sopranos” reconfirmed as being one of the greatest hits of contemporary television. With six seasons that lasted from 1999 to 2007, has won many awards and the approval of critics and the public.

If you thought you knew everything about the legendary series of HBO we leave you with few interesting facts that surely will surprise you.

The creator of “The Sopranos” David Chase had in mind a movie instead of a series. The main argument was that of a mobster who went to therapy to discuss problems with his mother. He considered switching the big screen on TV when his boss told him he had a big television series with the material he had. After thinking about it he decided to move from the movie and take his creation to the small screen.

Ray Liotta was also called to play a role in the series. However, according to the actor he declined the offer to focus on his film career. Nor did he openly say what character he was offered.

The creator of the series did not see Tony Soprano originally as a tough character. The hardness of the character was put by Gandolfini himself. This change was made in the beginning of the filming because it was not very credible that a mob boss had to deal with people so harsh and hostile being a quiet and fun person (as was originally thought). It had to be someone dangerous and Gandolfini convinced everyone with his performance.

Tony Soprano’s therapist is based on the true therapist of David Chase. Chase himself told that the therapist offered his help to develop the character.

The problem was that “The Sopranos” was so real that the real mafia thought that someone had infiltrated giving information on how they worked. Sometime after the premiere, FBI agents contacted the creative team of the series saying there were many overlaps about how the real mafia and its protocols acted. They were told that even the Mafia had been talking to each other to see if anyone was leaking information. One could not believe how accurate the Mafia customs in the series had been.

It was customary to record several shots of the same scene so that the actors did not know very well what the outcome would be. In fact, David Chase had a whole episode of the fifth season re-shot completely to have two versions. It seems that recording multiple scenes was a good way to confuse the media when they then interviewed actors and actresses about the plot.

After being nominated up to five times to win an Emmy, finally in 2004 this 90’s TV show got one for the best drama series. The Sopranos won again in his last season after being nominated year after year.

After the fourth season there were several disputes over the salaries received by the cast. Between some actors and actresses there was disagreement and this caused them to delay production of the series. To help ease the mood of the cast, James Gandolfini himself gave each of the other players $ 33,333 of his own salary.

Most of the TV series was filmed in several places between New Jersey and New York. In fact, in the beginning of the series in the first three seasons you can see the twin towers. These images were removed after the 9/11 attacks.

James Gandolfini acknowledged that he was in contact with some real-life gangsters for advice on how to play Tony Soprano and give the series more authenticity.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler had no idea what the series was about when she was summoned to the audition to play Meadow Soprano. In fact, she believed the series was about the world of opera.

It was not the only one: HBO was very worried that the public thought the series was about music, so they included a weapon in their logo.

Any interesting facts you may like to share with us on your favorite 90’s TV show “The Soparanos”?


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