Green Day-Best music of 90’s

What is one of the most influential rock album of 90s?
It’s easy, as second most influential rock album of the 90s is Dookie by Green Day.
Green Day delivered everything one could ask for like emotional moments from simple guitar, drums , bass and the encore that reminded us why Armstrong became a personality like whom many of his ’90s peers wanted to be.Go back and listen it again. The first thing that you notice about Dookie is that it’s a remarkably excellent record. Remember hearing “Longview,” the LP’s lead single, for the first time. That scuzzy living room, Billie Joe Armstrong’s green forelock, the organ grinder’s monkey, the Newton’s cradle. Oh men, it was that was one of the best music of 90’s.

It was the music that soldered themselves to our brain. Mike Dirnt’s bass line, which he wrote was awesome. We can’t imagine an album tailored better then this, from the fading friendship of “Emenius Sleepus” to the antisocial fantasies of “Having a Blast”, each of them crafted with the kind of perfection and performed with whiplash dynamics. No wonder the album won three number one Billboard Modern Rock singles— “Basket Case”, “Longview” and “When I Come Around”. And in United States, sold more than 10 million copies. That’s why Dookie was great and influential.

aaGreen Day has been the most clearly political American rock band. The band very nearly stands alone in America. Actually, Green Day is among the rock bands with attitude of not changing to keep its status today. They never incorporated beat-making or electronics into its biggest albums. Usually they locked into the sneery-defiant-burnout stance that made the band influential in the ’90s.

From digging deep into its album “Revolution Radio’s” to “Kerplunk”, they created one of the best music of 90’s. But for an old-fashioned rock show, Green Day’s members, drummer Tré Cool, bassaist Mike Dirnt and and Armstrong tried their hands at revolution. And today, they are pretty outstanding to be one of the last rock bands that are left standing in America.


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