One Classic Movie You Must See Before You Die


Movies are the mirror of our society. Events happening in the world around us reflect in our movies. Movies inspire us and make us feel that there is more than just living a normal family life.

There are some classic movies when we watch for the first time stays with us throughout our life. One such classic movie is 12 Angry Men.

This movie is a perfect example of how one common man can fight for justice for other wrongfully convicted common man and can force other members of the society to change their views towards the convict with facts. This classic movie holds a tag of favorite among all the movie critics and viewers across the globe. Students who study cinemas take this movie as a complete film-making course so that one day they could make such classic movies like this in the future. This is perfect court drama movie where twelve jurors argue with each other so that they could pass the judgment, if the convict is guilty for murder or not.

Brilliantly directed by Sidney Lumet’s and exceptional story by Reginald rose and classic performance by actors, this 1957 classic movie 12 Angry Men everybody should see in their lifetime.

This is a story of twelve men who represent different sections of the society, sitting in a jury room deciding the fate of one teenager who is accused for murdering an innocent person. Case was simple and everybody was sure that the convict is murderer and should be hanged to death. Good people says when you have some doubts, you shouldn’t take chance when it is a matter of death or life. This is what one jury person did in this story of twelve angry men, he has some doubts and he changed his votes in the favor of argument.

Now this movie story revolves around eleven angry men and one smart man. After that the real story began and hours of discussion inside a sweltering room and on the hottest day of the year.

This movie clearly reflects how white supremacy was hurting the roots of American society and how if one person take stance against injustice by other members section of other male and white member of the society can win a battle with facts and arguments. This movie rightly validates the title of Bad finger song “Successful Conversion will take you very far”.

So don’t waste your time, buy the DVD of this classic movie and enjoy.


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