Revisiting Classic Movie “American Psycho”

Before becoming our favorite Batman, the actor Christian Bale accepted a complicated script that many said that could finish his career. The character he had to play was Patrick Bateman, a wealthy yuppie from the eighties who was also a serial killer. However, the success was tremendous and Bale’s career took a great leap forward thanks to this peculiar film based on a novel by Bret Easton.

Let’s take a look how this 2000’s classic movie “American Psycho” got the tag of cult movie.

In the early 1990s, shortly after the original novel was published, producer Edward Pressman bought the rights to Bret Easton’s novel.

The legendary thriller American Psycho, based on the novel by the writer Bret Easton Ellis, shows actor Christian Bale in the role of aggressive executive and serial killer Patrick Bateman.

Patrick Bateman is a Manhattan yuppie, a Harvard graduate who is obsessed with socially fitting into his lifelong lifestyle. He takes his image very seriously, taking care of his body with numerous cosmetic products and practicing rigorous exercises to keep him in shape, as well as wearing elegant suits and boasting of expensive material possessions.

Patrick intends to stand out in front of a society that on the other hand he despises, developing hatred so extreme that leads him to want to practice a new hobby, that of murdering all those who are around him, showing only pity towards those who Show him some affection.

Power Performance by “Christian Bale”

With American Psycho we discovered a Bale capable of playing a character like Patrick Bateman, a crazy who are obsessed with physical perfection and with the appearance that he could own more goods than anyone else.

Bale is one of the reasons to see a film, which has aged well and has left us some memorable scenes. Who does not remember Bateman’s pursuit with chainsaw in hand? Or the unforgettable face that puts on seeing the card of Paul Allen.

But there are always nooks and crannies that need to be scrutinized, in a tape of this style and aspects that are hidden. Let’s uncover 10 questions that only the very fan of Patrick Bateman and the universe of American Psycho know.

The film made an impact on its day due to some scenes of explicit violence and sex, which were grounds for censorship in several countries, which they say made it difficult to understand the story by affecting key scenes.

The actor “Christian Bale” has more than demonstrated his commitment to the craft. And for the role of yuppie, he went to the dentist to have a perfect smile. In addition, he underwent a hard training that left him an athlete’s body; and to get even more into the Patrick’s character he made daily beauty routine. Creams, ice, abs …

Christian Bale had multiple sex scenes; and he knew that it was one of the elements that marked the essence of the character. So their positions must be very professional. No conventional postures. To do this, he chose to see as many porn movies as he did with the director of the film – in order to improve the character.

Yes, everyone who has seen it knows that Patrick Bateman’s dance is those steps the executive makes, after he has killed his intimate enemy Paul Allen. The writer of the book, Bret Easton Ellis had many doubts about that little dance; but he was wrong because Bale left one of the film’s most memorable moments with that.

For example, that time Patrick compares his business card with that of his co-workers. It seems a simple and everyday situation for anyone, but not for the disturbed mind of Patrick, who corrodes envy because it cannot bear to see how the cards of his colleagues are designed with a greater exquisiteness than his, thus filling a tension Situation apparently absurd and showing us to what extent can obsession of this peculiar personage, who is capable of being irritated with any detail that corrupts his sickly harmony. Worst of all is that he argues us in such a convincing way that we even identify with him, despite the fact that it seems to us crazy what it tells us. I think it’s the magic of these types of scenes that makes American Psycho stand out from any conventional psychological thriller.
Another strong point of this early 2000’s classic movie American Psycho is its setting, which shows us a bestial contrast between the neat and vulgar, between dignity and misery.

It is strange that Christian Bale was Patrick Bateman in the film and years later were Batman in the Nolan trilogy.

Mary Harron


Christian Bale, Justin Theroux, Jared Leto, Bill Sage, Josh Lucas, Chloë Sevigny, Reese Witherspoon, Willem Dafoe…

Based on American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis


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