Spice Girls: Adding Spice to the 90’s Music

Spice Girls

In 1993 London Magazine published the following announcement: “Are you between 18 and 23 years old and have the skills to sing and dance desire to travel, ambition and dedication? We are looking for girls to record a record.” More than 400 girls responded to this singing opportunity. The auditions began on 4 March 1994 at Trinity Studios in London. On these audition, there was a group of five girls called Touch, and what was intended to create the female replica of popular boy band of the 90’s “TakeThat”. Victoria Adams (born in Hertfordshire, England on April 17, 1974), Melanie Chisholm (Liverpool, 12 January 1974), Melanie Brown (May 29, 1975), Geri Halliwell (London, August 6 of 1972) and Michelle Stevenson.

In the month of June of that year, they began to prepare the disc in the same studies where months before the casting had been done. For the five girls to get to know each other better, they were rented a house in Berkshire where they lived together. The coexistence made one of the girls decide to leave the project. Michelle retired from the band in August 1994. In her place came Emma Bunton (Finchley, England, January 21, 1976).

Until April 1995 the girls were working very hard, especially since all, except Victoria, had no experience in the world of music. Victoria had previously been in a group called Persuasion, consisting of three girls and two boys.

In addition to Michelle’s departure, there were other changes. The name that was initially thought “Touch” was replaced by “Spice Girls”. The idea of the new name was bought up by Geri who thought Spice was an ideal name for the philosophy of the group, finally had to add “Girls”, because Spice was the name of a rap group. After recording the disc, they signed a contract with 19 Management; a management company headed by Simon Fuller, and also signed a record deal with the multinational Virgin.

From then on everything began to change for the five members of the group. They began with their names: Victoria Adams became Posh Spice, Melanie Chisholm to Mel C or Sporty Spice, Melanie Brown to Mel B or Scary Spice, Geri Halliwell to Ginger Spice and Emma Bunton was the Baby Spice.

The first single of the band was released in the month of July 1996. “Wannabe” managed to make Spice Girls, the most famous girls on the planet. It was # 1 on the charts of more than 30 countries. In Spain, it reached the No. 1. This song was an excellent presentation of the album Spice that managed to sell more than 18 million copies. A year later they crossed the Ocean and presented their album in America where they triumphed throughout the continent.

In November of 1997, they released their second album “Spiceworld”. They made the world premiere in Spain. They chose the city of Granada for it. The first single was Spice up your life was placed in the number 1 of the lists of sales. The promotion of this new album was very intense, they took it all over the world, and in February of 1998, they began a world tour that began in Dublin (Ireland).

They also filmed their first movie: Spice: The Movie. The film did not have much success, but it served to make the five girls more famous. In addition, they became the richest women in the musical scene of the moment. During the tour, one of the most charismatic members of the band, Geri Halliwell, decided to leave the group for differences with the rest of the girls. The 31 of May of 1998, Geri made her official statement.

Then began a new era for the group, they ended the tour with only four components. After the departure of Geri, the rumors of dissolution of the band spiced up. Things get worse even more when in December of that year they released the single Goodbye, the first of their third album: Forever. It was the first record they recorded as a quartet. Things went from bad to worse.

Although there has never been made official the dismantling of the band, all of its members began solo career from 1999. The first was Melanie C, who achieved great success with her debut:
Nothern star (1999). Both Mel B and Victoria Adams failed with their solo work. Emma Bunton released her debut solo album “A Girl Like Me” in 2001, her single “What took you so long” made her a credible artist. Mel B released her first single “I Want you Back” on Virgin Records and then her debut album, Hot. After leaving Spice Girls, Geri launched her solo career.

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