St. Louis Rams – The Greatest Show on Turf

Late 90’s brought a lot of things in the sports world.
Michael Jordan retired, NFL lost many great quarterbacks, Ronaldo appeared in soccer.

But also, one magnificent story happened, which will show you that everything in life is possible. Even if all the odds are against you.

After an awful season in which they recorded only four wins and 12 defeats, St. Louis Rams entered 1999 as one of the worst teams in NFL, and above that, they lost their starting quarterback Trent Green, who finished the season because of an injury before it even started.

They had one replacement. The player who previously played in Europe and in the Arena League. His name was Kurt Warner. At that time, a person who was unknown.

The fans placed bets that their upcoming season is going to be worse than the previous one.

Then one more guy came to St. Louis Marshall Faulk.
He, Warner and the rest of the team, made something that will be remembered as one of the greatest surprises in the history of NFL, and sports.

They finished the season 13-3, and for the first time since 1989, they appeared in the playoffs. After 14 years the rams won a divisional title, and since 1973 for the first time, they were undefeated at their home ground.

Despite that nobody gave them any chances in the playoffs. They were underdogs, a one-time miracle.

They were underrated.

But they didn’t care. And the franchise from St. Louis, invented something that will change the history considering the offensive side of the game in the American football.

Their offense was called “The Greatest Show on Turf”. For three next seasons, it broke all offensive records known and was something beautiful. All NFL fans like to remember that style of play.

They are still the only offense in history that have scored 30 points on 12occasions during one season.

As we said when the playoffs started the fans were suspicious, but the Rams started with a win in a Divisional game. Their first victims were Minnesota Vikings. 49-37.

But their next opponent in the NFC Championship game was the Tampa bay Buccaneers. Everybody was convinced that this will be a hard task for them because their opponent played good defense. But Warner and the boys showed that they know he to pay in low-scoring games and they advanced to a Super Bowl with a victory of 11-6.

They faced Tennessee Titans in the Super Bowl XXXIV, held in Atlanta, at Georgia Dome. Fans were afraid that they will not repeat their performances from the games played at their home because that year Rams had a 5-3 record on the road, and played all of their playoff games at home.

But their Cinderella story had a happy ending, as they beat the Titans 23-16 and won their first Super Bowl in history.

Kurt Warner was NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP, and have won Super Bowl that year.

All that in a season when he became the starter. And we can say that it happened in his first season since he has been signed by the Rams because in the previous year he was still playing in Arena Football League.

The Rams from 1999, represent one of the nicest stories in the history of sports. They came out of nowhere and marked the golden era of the ofensive game in football.
This is why it is important to keep on fighting, even if everything turns against you.

You never know when you just might become Kurt Warner.


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