The Worm – Dennis Rodman

Throughout his whole life, he was a bad boy. Anything he did, was condemned and deeply rejected by the society and community where he lived.
But to be honest, he didn’t care. Why? Because he was unique. Special. Something never seen before.

Dennis ”the Worm” Rodman, is the phenomenon not only connected to the sports. His greatness goes beyond the limits of an ordinary basketball player. He was a true example of the 90’s superstar. Controversial, loved and hated, misunderstood, various. As we earlier said, unique.
Really, what can you tell about a person who’s friend is Kim Jon Un, North Korea’s dictator, and who hangs with him in one of the most mysterious countries in the world.

That is now, and the life of Dennis Rodman was much more colorful during the 90’s when he was still in the NBA.

Who could have believed that Rodman will develop into this kind of person when he entered the league in the late 80’s.
Quiet, introvert, shy kid, who probably never thought that he would reach the NBA.
Instantly he became the sensation of the Detroit Pistons and one of the best-known players in the league. He improved his game and earned the award for the best defensive player in the league. But even that young, he was surrounded by controversy. The first time his name went public in a negative way, was when he talked about Larry Bird, saying that if the Celtics player was black, he would be just another good player.
His teammates backed him up, and they didn’t want to leave him standing alone, to confront all the media, and this is the beginning of a Bad Boys from Detroit.

So to be honest, Rodman was, partly guilty because of Detroit Piston’s reputation. He and Rick Mahorn. And Laimbeer.

When the Bad Boys fell apart, Rodman didn’t have anyone to protect him anymore, and that is when he became the most controversial person in the United States at that time. He left for San Antonio, and after that, he joined the Bulls and became one of the vital players in their quest for the second threepeat.

Those were the golden days for Dennis Rodman. He was all over the news, and that time he was one of the most famous NBA players and personalities overall, which marked the 90’s decade.

His love affairs with Madonna and Carmen Electra were something that made the publicity like never seen before.

You can just imagine the amount of attention he drew when he had married with Carmen Electra wearing a wedding dress.

6 foot 5 athletic guy with, green hair and piercings all over his body, Dennis Rodman was truly an original 90’s person. An individual, who couldn’t care less about social standards, and who revolutionized basketball and celebrity appearances.

Today, Rodman is occasionally in the center of media attention. He doesn’t like exposing that much anymore, but he preserved his controversial style and appearance.

The one and only, ruler of the 90’s controversies, Dennis Rodman.


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