Classic Comparisons from the 90s and Early 2000s

Justin Timberlake: 2000 MTV Music Video Awards (L), 2007 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards (R)

Remember When…”

 “Remember when,” is usually the first thing you hear a person say, when reminiscing about the past. It’s a phase It’s a common phrased used when trying to remind yourself or someone else of a memory that has yet to fade away.

When remembering something, it can tend to be either good or bad, sort term or long term, a blessing or a lesson, but either way, have the ability to effect a lifetime. Today, many adults have noticed this change, as they’ve grown into whom they’ve ultimately become, compared to the person they were, one before.

Living in a generational transition can be very mind boggling. The “remember when’s,” turn into “what if’s?” “What if my child gets exposed to a lifestyle that is publicly accepted today, that wasn’t when I was younger?” or “What if my parents didn’t allow me to watch television growing up, I would have missed out on all of those great shows.” The human memory is the sum total of what we remember, and gives us the capability to learn and adapt from previous experiences as well as to build relationships. It is the ability to remember past experiences, and the power or process of recalling to mind previously learned facts, experiences, impressions, skills and habits. It is the store of things learned and retained from our activity or experience, as evidenced by modification of structure or behavior, or by recall and recognition.

Then vs. Now, simply shows the life changing events and situations that have occurred over the years, showing different levels of growth and progression over about, two decades of being in the entertainment industry.


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