Things You Didn’t Know About 90’s Guitar God: Slash

Saul Hudson, known as Slash, is a musician and also songwriter. Slash was born in 1965 in England. He was brought up in Los Angeles.

When Slash turned 20, he joined Guns N’ Roses and had a successfull debut album. In late 80’s, Slash had played session with Michael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz and many other big personalities.

Let’s found out some unknown and interesting things about 90’s top guitarist Slash.

1- Slash got his first tattoo when he was 16 years old. The design is a very flattering caricature of the mother of one of his friends; the woman’s name was Shirley. Tattooed on the upper part of his right arm, the drawing of the voluptuous woman also has the name of Slash.

2- Among other Slash tattoos, there are the dollar symbol under right ear and the “Gitanes” cigar logo – the silhouette of a gypsy – between shoulder blades.

3- Slash admits that one of his most irritating habits is to sip coffee.

4- In 1986, Slash said that if he could make a wish, it would be to have an eternal supply of Malboro cigars. Slash no longer smokes.

5- Slash appears as an extra in the biopic of Sid Vicious, “Sid & Nancy”.

6- It was Slash’s idea to design the “Guns n’Roses” pinball that was manufactured by Data East in 1994. “I think Axl bought 10 of them,” said Slash. “I became very involved in pinball, I even had up to 18 machines, but I was never really good at it”

7- Slash’s heart has stopped completely 3 times.

8- The first band that Slash saw live was The Moody Blues.

9- Slash wanted Thom Yorke to sing in “Saint is a Sinner Too” on his 2010 self-titled album, but he was afraid to ask him.

10- Slash is an expert in dinosaurs. He became interested in the subject as a child, when he was fascinated by the giant prehistoric sculptures of the “London Crystal Palace Park” and was also captivated by the exhibition of the Natural History Museum.

11- “The Omen” (“The Prophecy”) is Slash’s favorite horror movie. He is such a fan of horror films that in 2010 he created his own production company, Slasher Film, just to be able to make his own films.

12. Slash was born in Hapstead on July 23, 1965 and lived in Stoke before moving to Los Angeles. His mother, Ola, was American; his father, Tony, is English. “I am very proud of my British descent,” he said. “I am very polite. I like tea. I like pubs. I drive an Aston Martin”

13- He has two children. London, which was born in 2002, is called that because it was conceived in the London residence of Ronnie Wood. His other son – two years younger – Cash is named after Slash’s good friend Robert Evans, producer of The Godfather, who said that “that’s the best name a man can have.”

14- Becoming a father caused Slash to get rid of his beloved collection of snakes. “It broke my heart, but I did not cry.”

15- Slash believes that Led Zeppelin’s best song is “Your time is gonna come”

16- When he was a teenager, a friend of the family nicknamed him Slash because he was always running.

17- Before discovering guitar talent, Slash was a very promising BMX racer.

19- Slash’s favorite scent is freshly cut grass.

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