Things you never knew about Classic Movie: Roman Holiday

Classic Movie - Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday, a 1953 romantic comedy directed by William Wyler and released by Paramount Pictures was a smashing box office hit. With this classic movie we get to know about ever green beauty Audrey Hepburn and Vespa scooters. It also stars the great Gregory Peck, who normally was known for serious roles.

With this movie new era of Hollywood cinema was being as most of the movies were being shot in Rome. Roman Holiday won Oscars for Miss Hepburn’s and other nominations as well. It is considered as the beloved classic movie ever since.

We are sure that you too are a big fan of this Hollywood classic movie and know everything about this movie scene by scene. Here we left you with things you never knew about Classic Movie: Roman Holiday.

1) Roman Holiday was Gregory Peck first comedic role.

2) Do you that the original screenplay writer for Roman Holiday, Dalton Trumbo was not able to take credit because he was blacklisted. Ian McLellan Hunter took the credit, even accepting the Oscar that should have been won by Trumbo. The award was never returned to its rightful owner; Trumbo’s wife was given a statuette after his death, but it wasn’t the original.

3) Frank Capra optioned the story in 1949 with the intention of casting Cary Grant and Elizabeth Taylor in the lead roles. He gave up the rights to Paramount because his own production company was struggling financially, and he was replaced as director because he was worried about working with a blacklisted writer.

4) Cary Grant turned down the role of Joe Bradley because he felt he was too old to play Audrey Hepburn’s love interest. The pair would later work together on one of my favorite films, Charade.

5) The film was originally intended to be filmed on the backlot, in color. Color was sacrificed in favor of black and white so they could have the budget to film on location in Rome, at Wyler’s insistence.

6) Gregory Peck met his second wife, Veronique, just before filming Roman Holiday. She was a reporter assigned to interview him for a Parisian publication. They married in 1955 and remained married until his death in 2003.

7) The “Mouth of Truth” scene was famously improvised by Gregory Peck, and Audrey’s reaction to the gag is genuine. Peck had seen Red Skelton pull the same joke once, and he and Wyler decided to use it without telling Audrey. This is the only scene that was filmed in a single take:

8) Hepburn and Peck became lifelong friends through Roman Holiday. It was at a cocktail party at Peck’s house after the film’s release that Hepburn met actor Mel Ferrer, whom she subsequently married. They had one child together before divorcing 14 years later.

We hope you life these fun facts and we would like to know about your memories connected with this classic movie when you first watched it. Don’t forget to share and comment with those who adore Roman Holiday.


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