Why Pulp Fiction was the best Entertainment Movie of the ’90s?

Entertainment Movie

Entertainment Movie

Pulp Fiction catapulted Quentin Tarantino to fame in 1994. How does this entertainment movie of the 90’s stand today? Let’s go see it.

The ninety would not be the same without the outburst of Quentin Tarantino in Hollywood. He was consecrated as a cult filmmaker with his second film, Pulp Fiction.

Pulp Fiction is one of those films that have earned, in its own right, a place in the history of the best cinema of all time. But like everything (good) cinema and especially that of Tarantino, it is full of curiosities, anecdotes and small surprises.

The film, starring John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and Uma Thurman, struck due to their witty dialogues, their ironic combination of black humor and violence and their multiple cinematic references to pop culture and, of course, influenced The way of making movies.

Quentin Tarantino wrote the script for “Pulp Fiction” in late 1992 in an Amsterdam, a story he had previously written with his friend Roger Avary. After the script was rejected by TriStar Pictures, the Miramax studio agreed to fund the film, so Tarantino focused on casting the film.

According to history books, Pulp Fiction was one of the films that cemented Miramax’s dominance of indie (and also non-indie) cinema in the 1990s.

Gathering a cast for Pulp Fiction was a complicated task for three reasons. The most famous case is that of Vincent Vega: although Tarantino wanted John Travolta from the beginning, producer Harvey Weinstein insisted on signing for the role to a Daniel Day Lewis. Meanwhile, Mickey Rourke (who said ‘no’ without even reading the script, something he later regretted) and Matt Dillon received offers to play Butch the boxer before the role falls on Bruce Willis. But we could say that the decision of more complicated casting was the one corresponding to the female protagonist …

Aware that the character of Mia Wallace was going to be very popular among the public, Miramax bosses insisted on being a big star, but Quentin made a final choice and that was Uma Thurman.

Pulp Fiction is considered as the best film of Tarantino in terms of solidity of script, interpretations, montage and personages. The director achieved several things: the resurrection of John Travolta, recovering the charisma of Bruce Willis, the consecration of Samuel L. Jackson and enhance the sensuality of Uma Thurman. It only won the Oscar for best original screenplay but gives the feeling that it deserved more.


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